By Jeff Ott

The warm wind of the Indian Summer wound its way in and out of the open windows as my sister (Grace), teammate (Nolan), and I pulled out of the stagnant artery of Alewife Parkway and onto the free-flowing lanes of Route 2 West. We were on our way to Jaffery, NH for a full day of hiking to cap off the third naturalist club trip of the weekend (see Eamon’s outstanding recap of our birding trip here).

Our destination for the day: Mount Monadnock.

According to Wikipedia, Mount Monadnock is one of the most frequently climbed mountains in the world.

Prepping for a Full Day of Hiking

Stoked for a Full Day of Hiking

A fairly easy climb with spectacular views, and only an hour and a half from Boston makes Monadnock a very attractive destinations for a wide variety of outdoorsy folk. The balmy holiday weather only added to a day of hiking’s appeal; however, we were able to find a spot to park at the third lot that we tried.

We had to park at the lake campground (another Naturalist Club idea?), which meant we would get an added lake hiking bonus.



Wasting no time, we got started on our accent to the top. Along the way, we passed many picturesque picnic spots where we enjoyed some almond butter and recently picked apples.

Perfect Lunch Spot

Perfect Lunch Spot

One of the benefits of hiking Monadnock is the diversity of landscape that you get to see. During our five hour hike, we hiked along a beautiful lake, and through a mixed forest before finally breaking the tree line to scramble over boulders for the final third of the hike.



Our beautiful hike was highlighted with a 360 degree bird’s eye view of some of New England’s finest foliage.

New England's Finest

New England’s Finest

For those into hiking, Mount Monadnock is one of the best day hikes in the area (the other, slightly longer-9 hours or so, being Franconia Ridge). Especially with the changing leaves, there are fewer better places to enjoy some quality leaf peeping.


Jeff, Grace, and Nolan

Until next time.

Your’s in Neature,



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