Boston Harbor Island Trip

By Jeff Ott

The Harvard Naturalist Club recently (ok, not super recently as I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while now) took a trip to Spectacle Island in the Boston Harbor archipelago. This trip was filled with history, nature, and the Boston skyline.


Leaving the City on a Hill

We were lucky enough to have some members of the Ocean Science Club join us. Here is a picture of the whole crew.IMG_4903

On our way to the top of Spectacle Island Hill, we had a couple close calls with nature.  We narrowly avoided potentially fatal attacks from both the dangerous woolly bear caterpillar and the world’s largest (potential hyperbole) praying mantis.


The deadly woolly bear


Thank goodness for the impenetrable denim


The closest call of all

After our treacherous climb to the top of Spectacle Island hill, our grit was rewarded with the best view of the day (I’m talking about the skyline, not the striking male figure that your eyes may have been drawn to).IMG_4917

The trip was deemed a marked success by all in attendance, and plans to return to Spectacle Island are definitely in the works!


Our fair island, and the Boston skyline.

Thanks for reading!


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